History of the IBC Technical Assistance Library

ta libraryA Brief History of the IBC Technical Assistance Library

                     Sally Van Camp, Archive Committee

Today the Technical Assistance Library consists of more than 425 articles taken primarily from issues of FLARE! Articles were selected for importance, photocopied, assigned ID numbers, and placed in categories. This library has gone though many changes. It the 1960’s it was a “manual” of betta articles that members could purchase. As articles were copied and added to the library, it was decided to list the articles in FLARE! so that people could purchase copies of the ones they wanted. This went on for many many years but there was one drawback. Some of early issues of FLARE! were of very poor print quality and articles were hard to read.

Retyping each article appeared to be the only solution. Doing this would eliminate several problems. Copies would be clear; they would all be typed using the same format; articles that initially spanned
several pages could be consolidated, and most of all the new documents could be converted to
electronic format and offered for sale at the IBC website.

This would be a massive undertaking and several attempts to get this project off the ground failed. Finally in 2002 things seemed to come together. One of our members Rhonni Kiest volunteered to
head this up. The project was referred to TARP (Technical Assistance Retype Project) and the process
used was very organized and streamlined. Rhonni would send out articles to the volunteer typists
who would send the retyped articles back to her. Then articles would be forwarded to Melissa
Migota for proof reading and to check them against the originals. All in all, by the end of 2003 the
committee ended up typing over 1100 pages. Articles were converted to Adobe® Acrobat and made available for sale at the IBC website as
downloads. Today non members can purchase the entire T.A. Library on CD, and IBC members can
view the articles in the private area of the web site.

Our thanks go out to the following TARP members:

Rhonn- Kiest,Melissa Migota,Keith Holms,,Kirsten Holms,Kimberlee Sellers,The Page family,Hsu Liu Chieh,Denise Archambeault,Cheryl Hiller,Christine Hammod-Herman,Sherri Kish,Kevin Pelletier,Sue Levesque,Amy Rich,Gerald Salemi,Lisa Ingersoll,Mark Milliken,Chuck Wolff,Stephanie Robert,Jacquil Gwatney,Jeff Gusso,Christine Tanner,John Clark,Ralph Tran,Ed Miller,