Italian Betta Association (Area2)

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Italian Betta Association (Area2)

Postby Roberto Silverii » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:48 pm


Italian Betta Association is a relatively young association, it was founded on 7th April 2010 by two Italian breeders (me and my friend Eugenio) who met in the biggest (and too bad not still active) Italian Betta forum.

IBA's goals are:
- Promoting selective breeding of Betta splendens fancy varieties.
- Sharing informations (and fishes, of course!) with all hobbysts and help with new breeders
- Promoting breeding and conservations of wild species of Bettas
- Organise internationals and locals show on all Italian territory and take part to European shows.
In 2010 we had the first Betta Contest in Italy with around 170 Bettas all from Italian breeders
2011 we had our first international IBC sanctioned show with 308 Show Bettas and 11 wild Betta species.
2012 we had our second international show with 228 Bettas and 12 wild Bettas species, in the same year we had a big "educative" show in Italian's biggest aquarium's fair and other 2 small show in pet shops to promote Bettas and betta breeding.
This year we will have the 3rd edition of our International IBC sanctioned show from 10 to 12 may 2013.

Besides shows and fair we're active 24/7 on our forum assisting Italian Betta lovers, we also have a 3-4 month online magazine called "Bettazine" (complete collection HERE) and cooperate with two Italian biggest magazine about aquariums (one is online, the other one is on paper) where we often write articles about Bettas (the on paper magazine is being publishing articles about Bettas since august thanks to our work and will continue till may at least!).

Now our association is working on a monographic issue about Bettas together with the online magazine Aquariophylia. It should be ready by august, if anyone would like to take part, also talking about the IBC or the chapter he/she represent, or maybe with some article about bettas, feel free to tell us here :)

If anyone wants to see some pictures from our show and others show, you can go on IBA Facebook account(feel free also to request us friendship)

Best regards to all!

Roberto - Italian Betta Association
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