Join IBC and you will have access to all areas of this site.*


bubbles-iconThe IBC would like to invite you to join our organization. Individuals who join the IBC will have access to premium features not available to the public. These features are:


  • BetterBettas Yahoo group
  • FLARE! magazine (current and back issues)
  • Members-only area of the IBC Forum
  • Access to our IBC Trading Post (located on Facebook)
  • Access to our large Technical Assistance library
  • Access to the Membership Handbook, IBC Show Standards and historical show documents

The IBC has 2 levels of membership, electronic and paper. If you join at the electronic level, all your documents and color issues of FLARE! will be located in the BetterBettas files. This free Yahoo service is where you can send and receive group messages, share photos, read about upcoming shows, and find our official documents. These documents can be viewed on-line or downloaded. All new members with a valid email address will be sent an email “invitation” to subscribe to BetterBettas. This invitation is valid for 30 days.

All new members will receive a welcome letter and membership card by postal mail. Paper memberships will also receive the documents listed below by mail:

  • Our Membership Handbook and IBC Show Standards.
  • “Bettas: A Beginner’s Guide” written by Bill Hoerner.
  • Our “How to Ship Fish” info sheet.

* With the exception of Corresponding members who only receive a copy of the mailed FLARE!


Please contact before you send in your payment. Due to the IBC’s non-profit status you must use a pre-approved agent to relay your dues to our PayPal account.

Introducing a new payment option, yearly subscriptions with automatic renewals.

Standard IBC Membership Options

New Members: Paperless 2 Yrs + 6 months free

Yearly Subscription Options - Automatic Payments

Lifetime (One payment only)

Electronic Membership with Color FLARE!

  • $20 Individual
  • $22 Family
  • $14 Junior (16 yrs. & Under)

Paper Membership with black & white *NEW FULL COLOR* mailed issue of FLARE!

  • $35 Individual (North America only)
  • $37 Family (North America only)
  • $40 Individual (all other areas)
  • $42 Family (all other areas)
  • $29 Junior (16 yrs and under; all locations)
  • $50 Corresponding (fish hobby organizations and commercial entities)
  • $500 Lifetime Membership (for individuals and families only)
*Please note that a family membership refers to all members of a family that live at the same address. Please provide all family member names and emails for each if available. You can send this information to

If you prefer to pay your dues by check or money order, please print out and complete the membership form found in the link below. Send it and your payment to the address on the form. Don’t forget to include your email address if you are joining at the electronic level.membership button form

If you are sending in dues for someone other than the Paypal account owner, please include the member's information (name, email address & mailing address) in the note or message field on the Paypal form; or send an email to the membership chair with the details.

If you get a PayPal error message do NOT resubmit the form. Email and let us know you received an error. We will check and verify if the payment has gone through and let you know about membership status.

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