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bubbles-iconWhen you join the International Betta Congress you gain access to special features and items not available to the general public. Everyone joining receives a welcome letter and membership card by postal mail in addition to the following materials:

  • Our Membership Handbook which contains the IBC Judging & Show Standards
  • “Bettas: A Beginner’s Guide” written by Bill Hoerner.
  • An informational flyer called “How to Ship Fish”.
  • Sample issue of FLARE! (paperless members only)

The International Betta Congress has 2 forms of membership, electronic and paper. If you join at the paper level, you will receive the documents above with your welcome letter. If you join at the electronic level, the documents and color issues of FLARE! will be located in the BetterBettas files. BetterBettas is the IBC members-only Yahoo List Group forum. This free service is where you can send and receive group messages, share photos, find show details, and access all official IBC documents.

Documents can be viewed on-line or downloaded for your convenience. After you become a member of IBC you will receive an email “invitation” to subscribe to BetterBettas. This invitation is valid for 30 days and is sent to everyone, including paperless memberships. All members will be mailed a reminder post card when a membership is about to expire.

Electronic Membership with Color FLARE!

  • $20 Individual
  • $22 Family
  • $14 Junior (16 yrs. & Under)

Paper Membership with black & white mailed issue of FLARE!

  • $35 Individual (North America only)
  • $37 Family (North America only)
  • $40 Individual (all other areas)
  • $42 Family (all other areas)
  • $29 Junior ** (all locations)
  • $50 Associate (fish hobby organizations and commercial entities)
  • $500 Lifetime Membership (for individuals and families only)
*Please note that a family membership refers to all members of a family that live at the same residence

You can pay your dues by check or money order made payable to IBC (US funds only), or you can use the PayPal module here for fastest results.
Send checks to:
Steve Van Camp, Membership Chair
923 Wadsworth ST, Syracuse, NY 13208
Don’t forget to include your email address if you are joining at the electronic level.

If the membership is for someone other than the Paypal sender, please include the member’s information in the Paypal Note Field


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