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IBC Board Members and Committees

E Board Officer Name Email Contact (click On)
President Gerald Griffin
Vice-President Yvonne Chaban
Secretary Steve Van Camp
Treasurer Jack Tobin
Judging Board Larissa Williams
Member-at-Large1 Jackie Hutcherson
Member-at-Large2 Stacy Fenhaus
Member-at-Large3 Jeff Hiller
Area 2 Member-at-Large Peter Baerwald
Area 6 Member-at-Large Bobby Chua
Area 7 Member -at-large Jay Cottrell
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Judging Board officers
Larissa Williams Michael Chang Rich Creighton Sabrina Dichne Phil Dorr Bob Dozier Hermanus Haryanto Claire Pavia Dan Young Gerald Griffin

Judging Board Officer Name Name Name Email Contact
Judging Board Chairs Larissa Williams ( Chair) Rich Creighten  ( Vice Chair)
Certification Rich Creighton Bob Dozier
Standards Sabrina Dichne Phil Dorr Larissa Williams
Training Phil Dorr Dan Young Larissa Williams
Registrar Bob Dozier Sabrina Dichne Michael Chang
Area Representatives Michael Chang Hermanus Haryanto Claire Pavia
Executive Board Rep Gerald Griffin
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Committee Chairs Name Email Contact
Archives Sally Van Camp
Awards Gerald Griffin
Betta Pals Area 1 J D Ewtuch
Betta Pals Area 7 Jarrod Nielsen
Chapters Jack Tobin
Constitution Jack Tobin
Events Larissa Williams
Finance Jack Tobin
FLARE! Editor and FLARE! Committee Chair Michael Chang
Marketing Peter Baerwald
Membership Stacy Fenhaus
Nomenclature Gene A. Lucas
Nominations Jack Tobin
Publications Kathy Tobin
Research & Grants Leo Buss
Sales Kayla Griffin
Show Chairman Larissa Williams
Species Maintenance Gerald Griffin
Technical Assistance Library Jamie Stine
Webmaster Cecilia Bailey Mallett

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