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Area District Chapter Contact Face Book

1.  Area 1, District 1, Chapter Arizona Betta H.E.A.D.’s , Contact Person Stacy Fenhaus,Arizona,Facebook

2. Area 1,District 1, Chapter California Betta Society (CBS) , Contact Person Gianne Souza, Northern California, Facebook

3. Area 1,District 1,Chapter Golden State Bettas ,Contact Person Yvonne Chaban ,Southern California,Facebook

4. Area 1,District 1,Bettas of Mexico, Contact Person Cesar Hinojosa,Mexico,facebook

5. Area 1,District 1,Gente Betta Mexico, Contact Person Luis Navarro,Mexico,facebook

6. Area 1, District 2, Chapter Lone Star Betta Club , Contact Person Lori Green , Texas ,Facebook

7.Area 1, District 2, Betta Enthusiasts South Texas (BEST) , Contact Person Sherolyn Craig, South Texas ,Facebook

8. Area 1,District 2, Chapter Oklahoma Betta Breeders ,Contact Person Gerald Griffin ,Oklahoma,Facebook

9. Area 1,District 2, Chapter Texas Betta Society ,Contact Person Igor Prpic , Texas

10. Area 1,District 2,Chapter The Betta Habari Society Club (BHSC) ,Contact Person,Texas

11. Area 1,District 3,Midwest Betta Club (MBC) ,Contact Person Dan Young ,Indiana,Facebook

12. Area 1,District 4,Central New York Betta Club (CNYBC) ,Contact Person Carlos Pereyra ,Central New York,Facebook

13 .Area 1, District 4, Connecticut Betta Club (CBC) ,Contact Person Dan Maldonado,Connecticut,Facebook

14. Area 1,District 4, Mid-Atlantic Organized Betta Breeders (MOBB) ,Contact Person Bob Dozier ,Virginia

15. Area 1,District 4,Eastern Betta Society,Contact PersonAnthony Jordan Looney,West Virginia

16. Area 1,District 4,Pennsylvania Betta Association ,Contact Person Bill Snyder ,Pennsylvania,Facebook

17. Area 1,District 4,Pennsylvania Betta Society ,Contact Person Joanna Taylor, Pennsylvania ,Facebook

18. Area 1,District 5,First Coast Bettas of Florida (FCB) ,Contact Person Connie Emery , Northern Florida,Facebook

19. Area 1,District 5,Puerto Rico Wild Betta Club ,Contact Person Pablo Robles,Puerto Rico,Facebook

20. Area 1,District 6, Betta Breeders Canada (BBC) ,Contact Person Heather Caseley , Canada

21. Area 2,-,Auvergne Betta Club (ABC),Contact Person Bertrand Chaffanjon,France,

22. Area 2,-,Associazione Italiana Betta (Italy) ,Contact Person Roberto Silverii ,Italy,Facebook

23. Area 2,-,Associazione Mediterranea Bettofili Italiani (AMBI) ,Contact Person Butera Massimo,Italy,Facebook

24. Area 2,-, Betta Svijet (Croatia),Contact Person Josip Kevari ,Croatia,Facebook

25. Area 2,-,European Betta Friends (Germany) ,Contact Person Joachim Menz ,Germany,Facebook

26. Area 2,-,Kampffischfreunde (Germany) ,Contact PersonPeter Baerwald ,Germany,Facebook

27. Area 2,-,Swiss Betta Club ,Contact Person Claire Pavia ,Switzerland,Facebook

28. Area 2,-, (Czech) ,Contact Person James King ,Czech Republic,Facebook

29. Area 6,-,Asian Betta Alliance ,Contact Person Emerson Sy ,Philippines,Facebook

30. Area 6,-,Betta Enthusiasts Philippines,Contact Person Mark Lester Hao,Philippines,Facebook

31. Area 6,-,Betta Club (Singapore) ,Contact Person Dr. Li Chieh Hsu ,Singapore,Facebook

32. Area 6,-,Betta Club of Indonesia ,Contact PersonHermanus Haryanto ,Indonesia,Facebook

33. Area 6,-,Indo Betta Splendens (InBS) ,Contact Person Joty Atmadjaja ,Indonesia,Facebook

34. Area 6,-,Betta Society of Malaysia,Contact PersonBobby Chua,Malaysia,Facebook

35.Area 6,-,Singapore Betta Congress,Contact PersonAlfur Tan ,Singapore,Facebook

36. Area 6,-,Team Xtreme Singapore ,Contact Person David Poh ,Singapore,Facebook

37. Area 6,-,Team Betta Buddies (Malaysia),Contact Person Ng Boon Wooi ,Malaysia,Facebook

38. Area 7,-,Betta Australis (Australia) ,Contact Person Jodi-Lea Matheson ,Australia,Facebook

39. Area 7,-,Victoria Betta (Australia) ,Contact Person Michael Chang ,Australia,Facebook

40. Area 7,-,Sydney Splendens Society (Australia) ,Contact Person Milosz Wozniak,Australia,Facebook

41. Area 7,-,Nano Tanks Australia Anabantoid Study Group,Contact Person David Lo,Australia,Facebook