About Us

The International Betta Congress was established in 1966. If you simply enjoy the betta fish as your companion, or you find fulfillment in breeding bettas, then you might want to consider joining the IBC.

Our organization is made up of volunteers who devote their time and efforts towards our growing organization. Together we share our learning experiences, ideas and knowledge with others who also share the same interest in this amazing and beautiful tropical fish hobby. Many of our members breed bettas and compete in shows all across the country. We have numerous chapters within the IBC and today there are more chapters forming. Some of our members attend seminars to learn judging standards and become certified judges which allows them to judge during our shows.

Being an IBC member has many rewards. Upon joining you will have access to our Technical Assistance Library that consists of numerous and knowledgeable articles, our exclusive forum, our bi-monthly FLARE! magazine, store specials for members only, as well as a private Yahoo List Group called BetterBettas.

If you enjoy the hobby or simply have an interest in the Genus Betta, we welcome you to become a part of our organization. If you wish to join the IBC and become a member you can join via this website. If you would like further information please send an email to: membership@ibcbettas.org